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This website is for Rent/Sale. To Rent the monthly rental (with a complimentary overlay of your web site) is based on the data and formula below:​X – Average Monthly Searches (reference: Google Keyword Planner) = 10Y – Average Revenue per Client = $30,000 (reference: WebMD)Formula: X(.3 traffic from Google Page 1)(.02 conversion rate)(Y)/8 = Monthly Rental Rate10(.3)(.02)30,000/8 […]


October 30, 2015

Above is a screenshot of the website template for: Do you consider yourself to be one of the Toughest Lawyers in Fresno, CA? Why not be like Muhammed Ali – let people know you’re “The Greatest” with unabashed self-promotion? Hey. It works. -You could OWN or LEASE this portfolio of Virtual Real Estate properties. Call Peter at 559-967-3035. This portfolio includes […]