October 30, 2015

Above is a screenshot of the website template for:

Do you consider yourself to be one of the Toughest Lawyers in Fresno, CA?

Why not be like Muhammed Ali - let people know you're "The Greatest" with unabashed self-promotion?

Hey. It works.

-You could OWN or LEASE this portfolio of Virtual Real Estate properties. Call Peter at 559-967-3035.

This portfolio includes a Premium Domain Name​, a YouTube video and some links. The home page of is on Page #1 of Google for the keywords "fresno's toughest lawyer" and "fresnos toughest lawyer."

It is also on Page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for the same two keywords. 

Their status on Page #1 of the SERPs can be maintained with management from our sister company:​

There is also a YouTube video with a link to that website.​ If you view the video on, you will see an article in the description along with the link to 

Additionally in this Portfolio are THREE VRE properties. Two on the website There is a PAGE and a POST. Also there is a PAGE on Links to those properties are below. 

Note, the Page and Post on http://local.trusted.solution are NOT for sale, but will remain linked to indefinitely as part of the ​package.

The PAGE -​


The PAGE:​


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